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Voice Over IP

While data services continue to grow in importance, reliable, high-quality voice communications will always remain a business necessity.

Converge all of your voice and data communications into a single, easy-to-manage IP network with BroadRiver's business-grade VoIP, SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX services. Regardless of the size of your business, our next generation communications services can advance your business with new unified communications and collaboration applications while helping you better manage your costs.

With ultimate reliability, scalability, and reach, our voice and data services are delivered with a commitment to customer service and your bottom line in mind.

BroadRiver's suite of proven Voice platform solutions backed by our expert engineering teams will advance your business to the next generation of voice communications technology.

Hosted Cisco

Cisco CallManager is a highly scalable and reliable Cisco IP telephony solution which extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications.

For over 10 years, BroadRiver has been providing dedicated and hosted Cisco CallManager solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our Hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager, CallManager and Unity are great solutions for organizations that are concerned about not having the required expertise or capital to implement these world class platforms on their own.

BroadRiver's Cisco-certified staff are experts at installing, configuring and managing CallManager for your business. Now you can realize the benefits of a robust IP communications system without having to purchase, learn or support a new telephony platform on your own.

As a turn-key solution provider, we also provide all the necessary voice trunks, Internet access, and other services so you can minimize your investment and save money month after month.

Hosted Metaswitch

Metaswitch delivers a broad range of telephony application server and switching products that meet the needs of providers and businesses who require next-generation voice networks solutions.

The Hosted Metaswitch platform provides the full range of legacy CLASS services, across both traditional (TDM) or broadband (IP) access, with Softswitch, application and media platforms. This complete combination not only provides service continuity as your network evolves, but helps accelerate the roll-out of new high-value services that continue to attract and retain subscribers.

The Integrated Class 5 Softswitch offers a compact, self-contained solution for VoIP service delivery. Based on a combination of selected MetaSphere telephony applications running directly on processor blades in the Universal Media Gateway platform, the Integrated Softswitch is highly cost-effective and exceptionally simple to deploy. The solution scales from few hundred to half a million subscribers.

Metaswitch Hosted Softswitch includes over 100 Class 5 features:

  • IP Centrex
  • E911 & LNP
  • 1-800 and CALEA
  • VoiceMail & Conferencing

Integrated Access

BroadRiver offers an extensive suite of bundled, integrated voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you prefer dynamic or channelized delivery for your integrated lines, trunks or PRIs, we can help.

Integrated access services provide you with a host of reliable telephone service options, from 3 to 24 lines and high speed Internet including PRI, line side service and trunks. When voice lines are not in use, dynamic bandwidth is available for Internet access and data applications, offering more efficient bandwidth use and improved productivity.

  • Analog, digital and SIP voice services
  • Data speeds from 1.5mbps to up to 1000Mbps
  • Local calling options and LD/Toll-Free options
  • Full Class-4 and Class 5 Voice Features: Caller ID Name & Number, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Direct Inward/Outward Dialing, Hunting, remote access to call forwarding, speed calling, three-way calling and many more.
  • Auto-Attendants and Voice Mail Options
  • Local calling options and LD/Toll-Free options

SIP Trunking

BroadRiver's SIP trunks are a perfect VOIP solution which is compatable with your new or existing PBX solution. Keep your system, stations, and consoles, and applications as voicemail, automatic call distribution, and conferencing.

Take advantage of SIP trunks as one element of a complete VoIP deployment. If you have more than one business location, we can implement our hosted IP-PBX solutions at one or more sites, but keep your legacy PBXs at other locations until it makes sense to replace them. This phased approach lowers your investment and allows you to implement IP communications at the pace you choose, all while taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP right away.

SIP trunks are delivered via BroadRiver's QOS Enabled transport network, or across the public Internet.

  • Reduce telephone circuit and Internet costs
  • Free calling between your locations
  • Both metered and unmetered trunking solutions
  • Nationwide availability of telephone numbers
  • Fax and Toll Free Services


Although BroadRiver is primarily known as a leading IP Services provider, we are also a traditional facilities based C-LEC operating in a series of markets throughout the SE United States.

As a carrier, we are also capable of delivering analog and digital voice solutions over traditional TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) networks.

PRI is a standard, all digital technology that gives you simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities. ISDN PRI is an ideal solution for growing and large businesses that need a cost-effective solution for clear voice and high-quality data traffic.

  • DID, DOD, Data and Toll-Free Support
  • Call-by-Call Service
  • Calling Line ID/Calling Line ID Blocking
  • Non-Facilities Associated Signaling
  • Back-Up D Channel
  • 64 Kbps Clear Channel