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Internet Access

While other Internet service providers offer “business class” Internet, your bandwidth is often shared with other customers, which leads to service delays and downtime. With Broadriver Dedicated Internet Access you get a dedicated port giving you true business-grade connectivity over the award-winning multi Gigabit Internet network backbone.

BroadRiver Dedicated Internet solutions are designed to support business-critical Internet applications with high-speed connectivity and reliable Internet access. Dedicated Internet access allows your business to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more.

Unreliable broadband Internet connections can cripple, even halt, your ability to conduct business. With BroadRiver Dedicated Internet access, you’ll have the highest level of performance delivered over our highly dependable and redundant infrastructure with 24-hour network monitoring and customer support.

T1 & NxT1

The ability to adapt to change is key to a competitive business. It's also key to Broadriver T1 service. With a Broadriver Full T1 or Bonded T1 line, you can easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth as your business expands.

With guaranteed availability of 99.99%, Broadriver NxT1 service is available Nationwide. With Broadriver Bonded T1, you can get speeds up to 12.0 Mbps – even if your location is not serviced via fiber. As with all Broadriver services, Proactive Monitoring is always included.

Combine T1 or bonded NxT1 services with other BroadRiver Managed services and security options (firewall, intrusion protection, anti-virus, spam tracker, etc.) to help protect your business network lower your total cost of ownership.

Metro Ethernet

BroadRiver Ethernet Internet keeps you working, not waiting. Ethernet Internet provides your business with speeds up to 1Gbps and the same speed for uploads and downloads to move large data quickly. Plus, you receive the same reliability and performance of a traditional T1. This proven technology allows you to easily add more bandwidth without the time delay and expense of ordering and installing additional facilities.

Unlike cable Internet's shared access lines, BroadRiver Ethernet Internet is a dedicated connection ensuring Internet traffic jams are bypassed. For businesses that depend on Internet during peak usage hours, cable Internet is a risk because your business is always competing for bandwidth with other cable customers.

  • Purchase bandwidth in increments ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, often without a change to your fiber-fed loop
  • Utilize other BroadRiver solutions, including Dedicated Internet, MPLS VPN (Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network), or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Enjoy low equipment costs and a level of scalability far greater than similar TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) solutions

Dark Fiber

As the demand for high bandwidth-intensive applications and services grows, businesses are forced to evaluate new transport technologies to enhance and maximize the value of their data communications infrastructure. One of the most cost-effective ways to scale your bandwidth needs while preparing your business for the future with an optical dark fiber solution.

Our bandwidth infrastructure solutions are provided over our regional and metro fiber networks in markets across the nation.

  • Scalability - Virtually unlimited bandwidth potential at a fixed cost. Today, institutions with substantial traffic and infrastructure needs are finding it more and more cost-effective to own their own networks.
  • Flexibility - Increased network uptime and the ability to select the best-of-breed equipment to support your communications requirements.
  • Security and Redundancy - Have the security of a fully dedicated network infrastructure while retaining full control of your network and gaining the peace of mind that comes with a fixed cost network.
  • Simplicity - There is no need to construct and manage your own physical network. Let us design, build and cultivate and end-to-end dark fiber solution to meet your needs.

Business DSL

Business DSL from Broadriver provides the affordable business Internet service you need for your small business, branch office, or home office with the benefit of optimum performance.

DSL service provides download speeds up to 6 Mbps over a nationwide, multi-redundant private network that optimizes performance and security. DSL is an ideal broadband solution for small and medium-sized businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively.

DSL connectivity from Broadriver is available in all 50 states and Canada. Broadriver offers dedicated ADSL Internet designed for customers who want the benefits and features of DSL on a dedicated connection, with speeds ranging from 1.5x.384 Mbps up to 6x1 Mbps.

DSL is a cost effective solution to T1. With upload and download speeds that match your needs, DSL is a cost-effective solution for your expanding small businesses.

Route Optimization

BroadRiver is proud to announce that all Internet connections now include route optimization via industry leading Internap FCP appliances. This technology takes your multi-homed environment to the next level by continually monitoring your network end-to-end for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion.

Our solution automatically reroutes traffic to guarantee performance levels for your critical applications. The result – easier troubleshooting, improved network performance and intelligent traffic management across multiple provider links.

Most networks rely on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to determine how to route data. BGP uses a single criterion – number of hops – to choose a path. BGP-based networking has no insight into the value of data you’re sending. By acting as an end-to-end load balancing solution, FCP lets you avoid up-to-the-minute variations of BGP. The FCP solution offers unparalleled visibility into your multi-homed network architecture with extensive analysis, management and reporting functions.

Custom Solutions

At BroadRiver, we offer customized Internet solutions that empower small to medium businesses, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations with tools to enhance the use of their resources and to promote their services and events over the Web. We accommodate our products and services to our clients' needs and requests.

Today’s accelerated business demands make it essential to supply internal network access to remote audiences, including mobile employees, partners, global suppliers, and even customers.

Small businesses are diverse, but one thing they have in common is a need for dependable connectivity that meets their budgets. That's why BroadRiver — a turnkey business Internet provider — offers a wide range of data solutions. BroadRiver's small business Internet connection options provide reliable and affordable access solutions that help today's small businesses remain competitive.