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Virtual Private DataCenter

VPDC Enterprise gives you BroadRiver's most robust set of resources in a your own dedicated private cloud. With BroadRiver VPDC powered by VMWare, you control your virtual environment with the click of a mouse. Spin servers up, allocate, and configure virtual resources exactly the way you want any time you want and still get a predictable monthly bill. Standard VPDC Features are:

  • Best of breed, standards based infrastructure
  • High-performance EMC Symmetrix Fiber Channel Storage
  • Enterprise-class servers from HP and Sun
  • High-performance Cisco and Juniper Core
  • VMware vSphere 5 virtualization
  • Full N+1 redundancy on all levels
  • Load balancing for select service profiles
  • VM-to-VM and VM-to-storage I/O included
  • Virtual or Hardware Cisco ASA Firewall
  • Daily block level snapshots
  • Daily full backup capability

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions from BroadRiver for Small Business is an extremely robust cloud computing solution powered by our state-of-the-art data centers. It dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications in your organization, allowing you to rapidly deploy capacity without capital investments so you can reshape your environment on demand on a very small budget.

BroadRiver has several different versions of Cloud Solutions; which are based on VMware, including - public, private and hybrid clouds. Each is designed to provide a significant level of security to protect your Small Business infrastructure and data from unauthorized access. BroadRiver has also developed a cloud storage solution, therefore, allowing you to store and retrieve mission critical information quickly and easily. Let a BroadRiver professional help you determine which cloud computing solution best serves your Small Business requirements.

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Public Cloud

BroadRiver's public Cloud offering delivers resources and applications - whenever and wherever you need them. Instead of buying expensive individual servers, you'll have access to our comprehensive infrastructure allowing you to deploy infrastructure capacity on demand for your Small Business.

Whether you need at-the-ready cloud resources for rapid deployment, extra compute capacity for unexpected workloads or a short-term testing and development platform without a long-term investment, consider a public instance from Broadriver.

A public instance from Broadriver lets you turn computing capacity up when you need it and down when you don’t. Public cloud can be a great starting point for gaining basic cloud benefits and a scalable springboard into other cloud server solutions that meet more specialized computing needs.

Private Cloud

BroadRiver’s Private Cloud Solution is built on a fully dedicated hardware infrastructure. Your business can easily take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, but in a more secure and dedicated environment without a significant capital investment up front.

If you want the flexibility of a public instance, the performance of dedicated servers and the privacy of a single-tenant environment, look no further. You can count on private cloud solutions from Broadriver.

Since private cloud instances aren’t shared with other users, they can help you meet the predictable performance requirements of specialized applications and workloads, as well as strict industry and government regulations.

We can custom design your private cloud to have one or more physical servers partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines, specifically for your Small Business needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Extend your private cloud with public cloud resources. BroadRiver’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions essentially blend our public cloud with a dedicated colocation environment; which allows you to connect your Small Business resources, such as your proprietary database, to the cloud securely.

This Hybrid approach allows your business to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that a public cloud computing environment offers without exposing mission-critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities. The Hybrid cloud option allows you to leverage BroadRiver's powerful cloud environments in a multitude of methods that can allow your business to respond to demands on the fly, without committing your private cloud resources.

Storage Cloud

BroadRiver’s Cloud Storage Solution is designed to allow your small businesses complete control over their data storage requirements. You can store, distribute and retrieve your data anytime and anywhere. Cloud Storage eliminates the need to invest in expensive data storage infrastructure.

Different from online cloud storage solutions designed for home users, Broadriver’s Cloud Storage solutions are dedicated, secure, and always completely private for the exclusive use of your business.

With solutions from EMC and QNAP, Broadriver can provide you dedicated storage from 100GB up to 40TB (4,000GB). For the best in Disaster Recovery solutions, us about geographic diversity and data replication of your Cloud Storage arrays which are hosted with Broadriver.

PBX in the Cloud

Since 1999, Broadriver has been a pioneer in hosted VOIP PBX solutions. Today, these solutions are often known as Cloud PBX solutions. Broadriver is a leading provider of turnkey and custom solutions from Cisco, Broadsoft, and Metaswitch.

If you want to improve your business phone system and cut costs, there’s no better way than a cloud PBX. It might sound confusing, but it makes your phone system work smarter and faster for less, without loads of expensive on-site equipment!

  • No closet full of phone equipment. We host that for you off-site.
  • Rapid deployment of fully featured phones for your business.
  • Use your IP-enabled phones anywhere you get an Internet connection.
  • Enjoy all the features of a fully load PBX Phone System.
  • Save money every month by eliminating your phone system lease and trunks.

Custom Solutions

Cloud Computing is a hot buzzword in the IT industry these days, but like many new technology concepts, it's surrounded by confusion and misconceptions that make it difficult to leverage for your business. This ambiguity exists, in large part, due to the following contributing factors:

  • Complexity of the core technologies
  • Overzealous marketing campaigns
  • Variations in approach and functionality by solution

BroadRiver can help you understand Cloud Computing Solutions and apply them effectively to deliver real-world solutions to your business. Our consulting services include:
  • Requirements analysis of your IT initiatives to determine where Cloud Computing can be appropriately leveraged.
  • Identification and Assessment of Cloud Computing service offerings to determine the solution that best aligns with your business requirements.
  • Design, Implementation, and Integration of technical solutions that utilize Cloud Computing technology effectively and future-proof your infrastructure and systems.
  • Management and Monitoring of solutions based on Cloud Computing technology.